Digital Signalling & Telephone Charges

For the correct operation of this security system, your telephone line may be connected to our
central station with a National Rate number, which under OFCOM rules is classed as a
standard telephone call, and therefore should not cost any more than a standard call.

However, some telephone providers are charging customers a premium for this service. To
ensure you are not liable to a connection charge under your existing service, we recommend
the following:-

Check the telephone package you have with your provider to ensure 033 and National
Rate numbers are included as part of your call package. For BT, this feature may be
termed ‘anytime calls’ but other provider packages may differ.

This will ensure that you will not be charged a connection charge for your system
connecting over the network, or incur any additional call charges.

AFA Fire and Security provide this advice to ensure our customers are clear on call costs and
charges. Our current recommendation is that customers use BT as their telephone line provider.
We recommend BT as a phone provider as your security equipment is tested under BT
guidelines, and is a BT approved product to work on BT network lines.

If you are considering a move to another phone provider, please contact us for further advice.
Your security system may pass several calls per day.

Please note: AFA Fire and Security do not accept liability for any call costs incurred on
your telephone line.

AFA follow NSI codes of practice when installing your security system and we do not
charge or receive any payments from your telephone provider.